Hypnotist Site Builder

Launch a professional hypnotist site in minutes

The included hypnotist site builder is designed with you and your practice in mind. You can easily launch a professional hypnotist website in minutes with no technical training required. Easily edit your hypnotist site, add new content, modify content, adjust colors, upload images, and pick fonts. Everything is done with just a few mouse clicks!

Hypnotist Site Builder
Online Booking

Online Appointment Booking

Accept hypnotist bookings and payments 24 hours a day.

Give your clients the convenience to schedule their next hypnotist appointment right from your own website via the built in booking system. Your client will easily see your availability and book an opening. With HypnoNook, you can either accept all hypnotist appointments automatically or simply manage the appointment request manually depending on your criteria.

Appointment Calendar

Easily Stay Organized

Conveniently manage your availability or other hypnotist availability within the built in booking system. You have full control over your availability in the easy to use hypnotist booking software. You can easily set the advance notice time required for the appointments as well as set a buffer time between hypnotist appointments from 10, 15, 30 minutes etc.

Appointment Calendar
Appointment Notifications

Appointment Notifications

Reduced Missed Hypnotist Appointments

HypnoNook keeps you and your hypnotist clients in the know with worry free hypnotist session reminders via email, text, or push notifications. Help reduce missed hypnotist sessions. Within the hypnotist platform, you can easily set the times you would like for your hypnotist clients to receive a reminder.

Compatible on All Devices

Consistent user experience regardless of device.

HypnoNook hypnotist websites ares compatible on computers, tablets, and phones so your clients can stay connected on the go. Our staff continually tests our hypnotist website platform with over 30 different devices to ensure that your hypnotist clients have the best online experience possible while using your hypnotist website.

All Devices Compatible
Client Tracking

Analytics & Client Tracking

HypnoNook comes out of the box with powerful analytics and is designed to help you keep track of your hypnotist clients. Access previous appointment information and secure client notes. You can even keep notes on the client so they are readily available for you at their next hypnotist appointment. With HypnoNook, you can be rest assured you will have the information you need about your hypnotist clients when you need it.

More Features

Integrated Email Service

Receive customized email addresses matching your domain name with every HypnoNook plan. Setup new email addresses, manage existing email accounts with the built-in email management system. Use the built-in webmail system or setup your provided email address on your phone or preferred third party program.

Hypnotist Site Builder

With HypnoNook you can create a professional responsive hypnotist website for your practice that will be fully integrated with the HypnoNook Platform. Select and customize a design from our platform that fits with your practice or easily create your own with your desired colors, photos, and logo using our hypnotist site builder.

Webcam Counseling

Until now there have been no really good options for on-line face-to-face communications with clients or potential clients. For a surprisingly modest monthly fee, using HypnoNook, hypnotist clients can come to your hypnotist website from their browser and start a secure webcam conversation with you.

Accept Payments

Our system is integrated with numerous payment processors such as Stripe® and Paypal®. With our easy to use platform you can start securely accepting credit card or paypal payments right at the time of the hypnotist appointment booking.

Add Video and Audio

Recording an introduction video of your hypnotist site to put on your website is a great way to start building rapport with your clients and help make your hypnotist site come alive! Our hypnotist platform allows you to easily integrate audio or video files right into your website.

Shopping Cart

Utilize the built in shopping cart system to make extra money selling hypnotist audio books, ebooks, or other products related to your hypnotist practice. Don't have any hypnotist products to sell? Consider using the Amazon affiliate program integration that allows you to advertise third party hypnotist products and earn a commission.

Built-In SEO Tools

Our built-in SEO tools takes the guess work out of making sure your hypnotist website is optimized to search engine standards. Our system takes care of meta data, canonicals, and other technical SEO matters so you can ensure that you are set up to get the exposure on search engines you deserve.

Website Hosting

You'll have peace of mind knowing that your hypnotist site is online and accessible to your clients all day, every day. Your hypnotist website will be loading in no time with our top of the line servers prepped with the latest cutting edge technologies for no additional cost.

SSL Secured

We take your security as well as your client's security very seriously. Your website and HypnoNook Platform is always encrypted with the latest SSL technologies. All of our systems are both PCI and HIPAA compliant so you can conduct your business worry free.

Analytics Integration

Track and see traffic stats from your potential clients! Our system comes out of the box with powerful analytics so you can get a better understanding of your site traffic. You can also easily integrate third party analytics such as Google Analytics right into your site. It's easy as copying and pasting a line of text.

Your Own Blog

When it comes to ranking well online and keeping your customers engaged, content is king. Build trust and give the search engines and your clients a reason to keep coming back to your site using the built-in blogging platform. Our Hypnotist Software allows you to easily add blog content right to your website.

Social Media Integration

Use our social media integrations to gain more followers. Our social media integrations allow you to grow your brand and be a go to source for your hypnotist clients for information on trending topics. Use our integrated hypnotist content generator to post fresh content about various hypnotist related topics.